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  TRIP System

Welcome to the Travel Request Information Processing (TRIP) system:

TRIP is the Travel Request Information Processing system, which allows all personnel eligible under UN security arrangements to process security clearances online.

UN security policy requires that all personnel eligible under UN security arrangements traveling on official business obtain a security clearance. It is also highly recommended that TRIP is used for personal travel.

This allows the United Nations to provide appropriate security support to all personnel eligible under UN security arrangements while they are traveling.

Security clearance is essential so that the Organisation knows where you are in the event of unforeseen events that may endanger you or eligible family members traveling with you.

By providing accurate information about your itinerary and contact details, UN security officials can provide you with updated information and know where to reach you and your family if other security measures are needed to ensure your safety.

Security clearance ensures that you have completed the relevant training and other security related requirements prior to commencing your travel. Although Security Clearance is not required for personal travel, travelers are strongly encouraged to register personal travel in TRIP. In the event of a crisis or emergency, it may be possible to provide security support to UN personnel and eligible family members. Security clearance is an official requirement* and UN personnel are expected to comply with all United Nations system security regulations and procedures.

If you've never used TRIP before, the Getting Started guide will help you get registered. If you have any other questions, please download one of our user guides in the Reference Documents section above.

All UN staff need to complete BSITF. For travel to non-H duty station, ASITF is required. (For travel to Nairobi, a H duty station, ASITF is also required.) See below for the official policy.

Paragraph 15 of the policy on security clearance that states that:

"A prerequisite for official travel by United Nations system personnel, with the exception of appointment travel, is successful completion of all required training, including 'Basic Security in the Field' (BSITF) training for all official travel and 'Advanced Security in the Field' (ASITF) for official travel to any field location. Organizations of the United Nations Security Management System shall ensure that their personnel have completed these training courses as required. BSITF and ASITF certificates are valid for three years, at which point staff members must re-certify."

"Field Location" is defined in the footnote as: "any location not designated as an 'H' duty station under the mobility and hardship scheme established by the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC).

Also, paragraph 14 of the policy on SLS further reinforces that "Requirements for Basic Security in the Field (BSITF) and Advanced Security in the Field (ASITF) are not linked to Security Levels."

If this is your first time using TRIP, you will need to first create an account and register in the DSS web site. Create an account and register. If you have previously created an account using the ISECT system, you do not need to re-register, your personal info is migrated to TRIP.



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